Gang Rape in Lucknow: our struggle continue.......

Gang rape survivor Mahak(changed name) 16 year by 4 man on 18th jun 2014 near her home when she was going for toilet/sanitation. 

She is in depression and half coma. no medicine and food for her family , She did not take food after brutal gang rape, bcas her family hv no money in her family. her grand mother 72 year is a labour and earn for family livelihood. .

She went to toilets/sanitation near her home, she kidnaped by 3 people and raped by 4, One was that incident place ,But shocking issue that after gang rape she is going to sanitation same place bcas
she hv no toilet/latrine room.
we are trying to make toilet/latrine room for her..... pls support us
and be a part to make her life better.
Only one culprit catched and three are not catched by police.

Now MAHAK is living with us and we are trying her counselling to feel better and we will fight for her.  

Protest Against Gang rape with two sister ......

In Badaayu dist Uttar on 28th may 2014, Two sisters Gang raped and killed. After rape rapist hang the girls on tree. When her parents went to police station to complain, police reject. When parent return, they find their daughters dead body on tree.

Situation is very bad and horrific. Girls are leaving in fear. Government is sleeping and no any fast action. but all five rapist arrested when people come on road.

We strongly oppose it and continuous protest against this   and sexual violence in state. Police are out of control. POCSO- Protection of Child Sexual Offence act 2012 is not implementing in every child cases .

In this fight many girls and man participate and Mr. Riaz Aziz and Delena (begunahi Foundation U.S.A.)   and Melissa Solt and with Michel ( self defence Instructor) participated.

We will fight continued against Sexual violence, pls encourage us....

Protest to Supprt # BRING BACK OUR GIRL Campaign for Nigerian girls

Protest to support Nigerian Girls: We protest this month against Gang rape and to support #BRING BACK OUR GIRLS, from Nigerian militant group. We fully support girls and demand to government to make pressure on Nigerian Government about that.

 Also we demand to make a rules and regulation about Acid sale. And provide compensation to Acid survivors fastly.

One Billion Rising Programme in Lucknow!

Redbrigade organised OBR- One Billion Rising programme in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh/ India) on 14th Feb 2014! 

OBR is a worldwide campaign against the violence done to woman! As part of that campaign we also trained 7000 girls in self defense and we presented many songs and plays performed by the Redbrigade girls.

Hindustan Times print a strory ......

 Dear Friends,
Hindustan Times print a strory ......
Lucknow Red Brigade girls have a worldwide fan following

Times Of India print a story on us.

Self Defence with Rural areas Girls.......

We organized a 9 days self defence workshop with rural girls to learn them self defence.
As all report maximum rape and sexual violence in rural area with rural girls. In the series of self defence , we organized 9 days workshop  on 30th August to 7th september in Bhadohi dist(Carpet Hub) of India. Bhadohi is 275 km from Lucknow.

Over 60 girls participarted and learn self defence.
Redbrigade present many song for creativity and self defence for defence themself.

Now many local Organisation in various district want to learn self defence but we are suffering economical, so our mission is going slow...

Now our some girls Pooja, Neelam, Laxmi, Afreen khan and Preeti is preparing a good instructer them self. And now they are going without  any trainer. And they are very confident.